When The Writing Environment Is Just Wrong

Years ago, on the advice of other productive authors, I invested in an alphasmart NEO so I could write anywhere, anytime. While I’m waiting for the kids, a doctor appointment, car maintenance, or whatever else may otherwise interfere with my ideal daily writing progress for my paranormal romance novels.

Usually, during these waiting periods, I can tune out most noise and distractions. I just dive into the paranormal romance novel or short story and enjoy the bonus time with my characters. Even with the later, heavier edits, even if it’s just brainstorming, writing while I wait always makes me feel productive and always moves the story forward.

During a recent visit to the shop for an oil change, I’ve discovered there are indeed limits that impede said progress. Obstacles. Chaos. It started with the tv in the waiting area set to People’s Court at the maximum possible volume. The case involved a few Jersey Shore wannabes…and well, that’s not really the point, is it?

My ipod couldn’t drown it out.

Add in the other kind, chatty patrons who assumed my ear buds were just decoration and my tapping at the alphasmart was merely an exercise to keep my fingers nimble.

And we can’t overlook the absolutely adorable three year old. She distracted me on two counts, she was cute, but she was also loud. In a good way, but combined with the People’s Court and the chatty folks, it was too much for my paranormal romance novel.

It might’ve been more bearable if my back wasn’t screaming and I wasn’t feeling the ticking of every second as opportunity lost for my daily word count goal.

When I got back home and uploaded the alphasmart file to my computer I found this rather sudden departure from Mira’s paranormal romance novel in progress:

“How long does it take for an oil change anyway? Gee I hope that’s my van they just pulled up. I can’t quite see… but if any benevolent being is smiling on me today, it IS my van and when I get inside, I’ll be so grateful for the simple quiet, I might just take the long way home to let my ears heal.”

To all my readers anticipating the paranormal romance novel featuring Mira, I can assure you that bit has been edited out, or at least modified to fit an appropriate waiting room in 2096. 😉

Live the adventure!

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