Tracking Shadows Is Here! Well Almost

May 10, 2011 is the official release day for Tracking Shadows, the latest story from my 2096, caffeine-as-a-controlled-substance world. But you can get a sneak peek just by clicking on the new Tracking Shadows page here on the site! (right up there under the header).

“They” say write what you know…Well I know I’d be lost without my coffee! Which must be why coffee shows up in nearly every book I write. But I digress..

I’m so absolutely, positively thrilled with Tracking Shadows I can hardly sit still! (no, it’s not just too much coffee) It’s partly because I went about it differently, posting the rough draft as I wrote it in daily installments on Facebook. I learned a lot about my writing and productivity this way. It really injected a sense of urgency to have that daily deadline, and to keep the story coherent even in rough draft form. (that’s often a challenge for me)

And partly because it’s completely independent and yet a definite team effort. There was the formatting thing. It’s necessary to stay current. Many thanks for that go to research and the extensive patience of my web team and husband. And that’s after the editing, though it seems with each book this process gets more fun. Naturally, the internet grows by leaps and bounds daily, thus marketing opportunities expand too. I’ve been making lots of new contacts at Twitter and Facebook as well as other online sites and forums. There are plenty of resources and supportive people out there and I’m grateful to all of them!

Tracking Shadows is the story of Slick Micky (the notorious smuggler from Justice Incarnate and the other ‘2096’ books). He’s a tough character, but he has a heart and a moral code that just demanded his own novel. Set in Chicago (I love that town!) this book is more urban fantasy, but there’s a paranormal element and, of course, a romance! It’s a tough day for Micky when his best friend gets killed, but unraveling the plot and exacting justice gets dicey when a girl he loved and lost is back in town – on a mission to kill him.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading Tracking Shadows as much as I enjoyed writing it! You can find celebratory giveaways on my Facebook fan page and you can find all my books on Kindle, Nook, and!

Live the adventure!

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