The Techno Elements of My Paranormal Romance Novels

In honor of the release of Tracking Shadows, I’m talking about some of the fun I’ve had with technology in my 2096 world.

For each of the books set in 2096, I’ve had the delightful experience of discovering some new element or advancement of technology. Writing into the future somehow sets my imagination free and writing with the barest sketch of a plotline only makes it more fun. For me. Don’t expect my critique partners to agree.

But that amazing sense of discovery is a real rush for me and the technology elements of the paranormal romance novel become as much of the adventure as, well the actual adventure of my characters.

With every book, I’ll be writing the rough draft and some heretofore unknown device pops itself onto the page. It’s so cool!

There was the moment when my husband was reading through Justice Incarnate and asked me where or how I’d dreamed up some new device. (that one is actually a sketch in the notes file) Thrilled he’d noticed, I asked him if it was real. He only replied that I very close. A super cool moment for me!

Then while writing Invasion of Justice, my poor husband got attacked the moment he came home from work one day. “Guess what happened?” I was bouncing around. Silly man, he thought it was something in the real world, when instead it was a new implanted tracking device my heroine had to remove from her hero’s arm.

Veil of Justice involved some serious mind game elements of the paranormal romance, among other things, and I loved discovering just what Nathan could accomplish with his telekineses (a ‘gift’ he’d acquired during an in vitro fertilization experiment).

And that brings us back to¬†Tracking Shadows, in which Slick Micky, the smuggler who can deliver anything anytime anywhere, wouldn’t be nearly as effective (or cool) without a few bartering bonuses he’d picked up along the way.

Like the stealth suit. This imaginary device becomes ‘the’ techno element of this paranormal romance novel. A combination of bio-engineering and stealth technology this thing really gets a workout in Tracking Shadows and I love it! More importantly Micky loves it and uses it to protect his business and those who work with him.

Technology is just one fun element of the paranormal romance novels I write. Take one for a test drive today. Samples are available here, or through Amazon and Smashwords.

Live the adventure!

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