Resolutions For A Paranormal Romance Author

As a paranormal romance author, I’ve enjoyed a wonderful holiday break with my fictional characters and my real family…which is chock full of great characters too. (all the better for me) But with the arrival of a new year, I always take a moment to assess past and future and make plans – both personally and as a paranormal romance author.

With such upheaval in an industry already notorious for moving sluggishly, the beginning of a new year is a good time to make some resolutions.

Last year, I promised myself I’d write more and worry less. Mission accomplished – sort of.  I worried over submissions, formatting and pending reviews, but I wrote anyway and created more opportunities to showcase my paranormal romance novels and short stories.

This year, I’ll strive to improve on that record, writing first, before the Internet, email and sales stats have a chance to get under my skin.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet and as a paranormal romance author I need the social connection. (writing is a relatively solitary sport) I just need to practice putting myself and my stories first when my imagination is fresh and my fingers are ready to fly.

I learned a lot about time management and balance in 2010. But I also learned the absolute necessity of connecting with paranormal romance authors and the readers who love the variety our multi-faceted genre offers. (Here are a couple site suggestions for paranormal romance readers and paranormal romance authors: The Paranormal Romance Guild and Nocturne Romance Reads)

Interacting online offers me a chance to connect with readers all over the globe, to stay current and informed with changes in publishing – all from the medically necessary zero gravity chair. (Thanks so much facebook, twitter, ping, etc.)

Basically the New Years Resolutions for me, as a paranormal romance author come down to this:

Write first.

Celebrate my life, from small wonders to big milestones and everything in between.

Engage in the things that set my imagination free. (chocolate, movies, greyhounds, friends, etc.)

Remain an active participant in online, supportive communities geared toward paranormal romance authors and their fans.

Keep up with publishing news, with an open, questing mind for additional opportunities as the industry sorts itself out.

Continue to grow as an independent paranormal romance author, making every book better than the last!

Oh, and lose weight!

Live the adventure!

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  1. Good luck with the resolutions, I’m aiming to be more productive this year.
    I got my foot on the published writer ladder let’s see how far I can climb 🙂

    • Thanks, Ella, and good luck to you as well! You’ll climb to the stars I’m sure!

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