Light and Dark Elements of Paranormal Romance Novels

It takes all kinds of books, stories and authors. Even in a genre like paranormal romance, the varieties are as endless and lively as the individual paranormal romance authors with both wild and mild tales to tell.

Most people wouldn’t label Nora Roberts specifically as a paranormal romance writer, but she frequently adds elements of the paranormal to her romance novels. She’s done specific trilogies with witches (Donovan family and Three Sisters Island) as well as vampires, but she also adds elements of fae to novels like Jewels of the Sun and ghosts frequently factor in her books.

Nora’s elements of paranormal romance novels run the gamut from intense and dark to lighter and only slightly less threatening (who really wants to mess with the prince of fae who’s been denied his true love for a few centuries?)

Kresley Cole and Sherrilyn Kenyon are paranormal romance writers who tend to focus on the more intense and darker, edgier elements of paranormal romance novels. But both authors cast light into those dark shadows with wit and humor and characters we love to go adventuring with through the myriad challenges they face.

Even Karen Hawkins, historical and contemporary author, weaves a paranormal element of magic into her romance novels, with a mystic ring, weather related ‘curses’ and such.

Paranormal romance novels can be light or dark, funny or intense, and yes, wild or mild. It all depends on where the paranormal romance writer puts the spotlight. The elements of paranormal romance novels that get spotlighted depends entirely on how the author wants to tell the story!

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