Tracking Shadows News You Need!

If you visit here regularly, and I hope you do, you’re well aware by now that my latest paranormal romance novel, Tracking Shadows is available wherever ebooks are sold. Yeah, I’m just a wee bit excited about this new 2096 novel. It’s labeled urban fantasy, but don’t worry, it’s me, so you can count on the paranormal and romance elements too.

The release of Tracking Shadows has led to several exciting new adventures for this paranormal romance author.

There was the guest post over at ParaYourNormal last week. And there’s the Spotlight Interview and giveaway at Laurie’s place on May 29th. That will be amazing! Aside from fReado, it’s the first opportunity to win a Tracking Shadows ebook.

I’ve been all over the internet – yes my marketing team is thrilled I’m coming out of my shell, why do you ask? – meeting authors and readers and bloggers and reviewers. It’s been fantastic and one of the results is the Blog Tour de Troops thank you event over Memorial Day weekend. This Friday through Sunday you can join the blog hop, scoop up oodles of great ebooks for free and send oodles more ebooks to the troops!

Please mark your calendar to come back on May 29th to read my “thank you” for your own copy of Veil of Justice!

Because I recently returned to the Twitter universe (no groaning, please) I’ve made new connections with readers and authors and the supportive conversation and cross promotion is wonderful. I even started the hashtag #ilove2096 so if you’re on Twitter – join the conversation there. And one of my new tweeps led me to an amazing site called The Bookish Snob Promotions.

Quite a find, let me tell you. Their promotion packages are fantastic, reasonably priced, and the service is incomparable. They have a reader’s interests at heart, and they’ve gone above and beyond to really empower me on my first formal blog tour!

The Tracking Shadows blog tour kicks off on June 10th at Coffee Table Reviews and with daily stops through June 20th, the tour culminates here on June 21st. I’ll post the whole schedule with links soon. There are interviews, excerpts and giveaways along the tour route and it’s sure to be a fantastic time. (think lively parade you can attend at your convenience)

Of course the June 21st prize package is full of goodies…you’ll discover exactly what’s in store soon!

Live the adventure!


For more details on the Blog Tour de Troops and participating authors visit the site today!

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