Moral Support Among Adopted Greyhounds

I’ve posted a bunch about the love, affection and rewards of adopting greyhounds. But I’ve been remiss in not sharing how our greys show their support and love for each other as well as the various fosters who travel through.

We call it moral support. Others might refer to it as mooching, but I prefer to keep it positive.

Let’s say Brody has to have his foot washed, bandaged and protected again in the boot of shame. For cooperating with us, we’ll give him a treat when it’s all over. Boo, naturally would be concerned about Brody. She expresses her concern by waiting on the couch, out of the way. Then, to best show her devotion to him, she makes herself available at the treat-ing portion of the program.

This is called the ‘moral support treat’ and our adopted greyhounds consider it an essential part of being a family.

When we have a foster greyhound in residence, we address the need for basic training and we use treats to praise good behavior. Naturally. So if a new foster greyhound has learned his or her name or a command like ‘down’, treats appear. Which means having several treats on hand, because the other greyhounds come running to share the success of the newbie.

You might find it odd, but our adopted greyhounds are the first to learn the foster greyhound’s name. Every time!

It’s a musketeer sort of thing.

Of course, when I’m feeling blue or simply peckish, I crank open the jar of peanut butter and grab a few M&Ms. (no judging allowed). Sensing my mood, Boo and Bandit come running to offer…you guessed it moral support. They show their devotion to me by tripping over themselves and stepping on my feet until I let them lick the spoon.

I used to consider this rather self-serving behavior from Boo and Bandit, but they assure me the dance for peanut butter is all for me – so I know how much they care.

Live the greyhound adventure!

Thanks to everyone who’s shown ‘moral support’ for greyhound adoption and rescue groups by purchasing the Adopt A Greyhound Guide. 50% of the proceeds go to help these groups connect retired greyhounds with loving families.

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