Giving Thanks For Retired Greyhounds

When we decided a greyhound was the perfect wedding present for ourselves nearly 20 years ago, I had no idea it would turn into a habit that blessed every day of our marriage and growing family. Here on Saturdays, I’ve posted about furniture habits, greyhound joys and the greyhound puppy alphabet,  but I don’t believe I’ve ever publicly thanked my greys or the people in rescue groups that make sure greyhound adoption continues to thrive.

There was the vet who was doing spays and neuters pro-bono where I first saw 8 greys in kennels – all silent despite the chaotic yammering of other pets.

Then Bob, our first greyhound rescuer said he had two hobbies and greyhound adoption was more affordable than flying. He brought us Bubbles, our first greyhound and effectively for us newlyweds, our first child.

I’m so thankful for Bubbles, for all she taught us about adopted greyhounds, for all the love she proved retired racing hounds could offer. She was a classic, beautiful example of her breed. Fun, happy, clever and devoted.

For nearly ten years we were a one greyhound home, then as we got involved with a greyhound adoption group, that changed. First with Kayla who was dumped off during a meet and greet event. The poor girl had been neglected and abused, but she settled in to our home, following Bubbles’ lead, and making an immediate imprint on our hearts.

We’ve been a two or three dog home ever since. After Bubbles and Kayla both passed away, we found Faith and with her, we started fostering in earnest, meeting 30 dogs in the years that followed.

Our local greyhound group is friendly, sincere, and commited to helping adopt greyhounds into loving homes. I’m so thankful for Mary, Dana, Kirstin, Twila, Tracy, Ed, Dennis, and all the rest of you who strive with such dedication to help these special dogs and their families.

Connections, friendships and lasting memories, are good things to be thankful for every day of the year.

Live the greyhound adventure!

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  1. I really love dogs especially greyhounds. I believed that they should not just be used in racing and left alone after they are useless. They are very kind and loving dogs who also need special treatments.

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