Looking Back At 2010!

It’s hard to look at today’s date and realize another year is almost complete. As a kid, time moves like a turtle trapped in molasses, but as an adult it seems to speed right by. As a paranormal romance author, well, time seems rather fluid with the ebb and flow of story, deadlines, and promotion.

For this alpha female paranormal romance author, 2010 has been full of interesting advancements, adjustments, and discoveries.

I started the year unsure how to do all the techno things here on my blog. Now, I can get through most of them without too much hand holding. What can I say? I’m not as tech-savvy as the heroines in my 2096 world. Which means errors are on me – not my superb marketing and Internet team!

One year ago I thought I was dealing with an acute injury that would heal with care and time. Unfortunately that isn’t true and as I’ve mentioned here on the blog I’ve had to adjust my rather high alpha female expectations. But redefining my life and my world hasn’t been all bad. For readers, the bonus is I’m spending more time living vicariously through my heroines!

Physical trials aside, 2010 has brought many new friends in the publishing and marketing industries. Through social media, the Paranormal Romance Guild, Goodreads, Amazon discussion boards and more, I’ve ‘met’ bestselling, mid list, brand new authors of all genres, both traditional and indie published, who have shared insight, cooperative promotions, and otherwise been generally supportive.

I think that’s a fantastic indication of where authors are taking publishing.

For me 2010 has been a bumpy road, but the challenges have wrought positive changes and I’m pleased to count this past year as one of excellent growth and great blessings.  It’s been a journey, sure, but with such fabulous support and guidance, this paranormal romance author is looking at the starting gate of 2011 with a smile on her face and an action-packed story in her heart.

Live the adventure!

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