Inversion Tables And Other Alpha Female Observations

The recent visit with the neurosurgeon didn’t offer the positive answers or hope I’d been looking for. It took me several days, many tears, tissues and margaritas to get over myself. I mean really, who wants to be told the ideal, workable solution is over a decade away? I wanted to see light at the end of this bleak tunnel, not learn that the tunnel is a whole lot longer than my patience.

Although as an alpha female sort of person, patience was never my long suit. Anyway…

Many suggestions were made and many modifications have been taking place in our home. First, we had to buy a special (and most wonderous) chair for my back. I had to adjust my medications to address increasing bone inflammation, pain, and mobility.

Hey, they did say keep drinking! (I guess cirrhosis is treatable?)

But one of the most dramatic treatment options they advised is inversion therapy. I, self proclaimed alpha female and owner of a total gym tried to use the equipment I had, rather than make one more purchase (and thus create the need to find a place for another ‘device’). Except I can’t get the right traction on the total gym…

So I visited Amazon and and found the right inversion table. And when it arrived we found the right spot for it and my husband put it together. (That’s why it’s important for an alpha female to find the right life partner).

And now, I’m in the process of learning exactly why and how a mere 20 degree inversion can feel like 90 degrees. After a few days adjusting to that, I’ve discovered I can meditate while inverted and since I’m supposed to be there 10 minutes, twice a day it’s becoming a positive habit. The final (corpse) pose in yoga can be accomplished as well (although the cat who often corpse poses with me is not a fan of my new inversion habit).

Also, in case meditative bliss is elusive, I can even read my kindle while inverted. (provided I leave it in reach) Cool, right?! Slowly but surely this alpha female is finding the positive aspects of my new regimen and reworking my personal definition of able-bodied.

Live the adventure!

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