Alpha Female Quote For Paranormal Romance Writers

In the history of American business, I count Mary Kay Ash as one serious alpha female. No matter what you think of the company or the product, the woman herself was incredible, unstoppable and completely in command of her goals.

Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says,Make me feel important‘.”  Mary Kay Ash (1918–2001)

This quote is key to the way she built her business and developed her relationships. On the one occasion when I met Ms. Ash I can tell you, she was an alpha female sort of person. She wasn’t rude or brash, but she had a spine of steel to go along with her business savvy and her gracious manners.

Her entrance immediately elevated the mood in a room, be it an office or convention center. That’s serious alpha female impact. For the duration of our brief personal conversation, I did feel like the most important person in her world. She focused completely on that moment and it was an amazing, positive experience I still treasure.

Paranormal romance writers can apply this same quote to the way they build their novels.

In any paranormal romance novel, there are primary and secondary characters. There’s setting and legends to think about as well as character archetypes (like alpha females, villains, sexy heroes, etc.)  All of that needs to come together in a cohesive, satisfying experience for the reader. Which means a paranormal romance writer must look at every piece of the novel and make it feel important.

If a character is just filler, it hinders the pace and plot. Scenery might be absolutely divine, but that shine dulls for the reader if the alpha female (or other characters) don’t care or interact with said scenery.

Paranormal romance writers can apply this same quote to the way they build their business.

As an author, readers are essential. Through the Internet and social media, though publishing industry contacts and networking, writers (of the alpha female variety or otherwise) have an opportunity to make everyone feel important. No matter who we deal with, no matter when or where, it’s vital to our success to treat others with the gracious respect and attention we would like to receive.

Being present and focused in the moment – at a book signing, writer’s conference, or even grocery store – means making a connection and creating a lasting impression that builds reader loyalty from one release to the next.

Live the adventure!

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