Alpha Female Author Doing It Anyway

Yup, it’s time again for a another alpha female post on determination and inspiration. ┬áHope you’re not tired of those yet…because they’re part of my daily life as I continue to struggle with my new physical limitations.

I suppose my can-do attitude battery is getting a major recharge because my first born, the brilliant daughter, is heading off to college in a few weeks. Watching her go through the process, taking care of the details only she can handle, makes me proud of her independent spirit. A trait I’d like to think I influenced at least a little.

(Hey, mothers are allowed a few delusions…)

She’s always been ‘delightfully’ headstrong and brave in daunting circumstances. In short, she’s an alpha female all the way. We’ve encouraged her to develop her own opinions, to express them with tact and care, but above all, to recognize and appreciate her strengths.

Physical labor is no longer one of my strengths, so as the family planned who will drive her to campus and move her into the dorm, it seemed obvious Dad would go and I’d stay home and take care of the domestic zoo. But the brilliant daughter wanted me to see her new school, to be in on that experience, and honestly though it’s not smart physically, I want that too.

When you have two alpha female personalities set on a plan or idea, things tend to go that direction. After all, alpha females as business women, stay at home moms, or even paranormal romance authors like to get things done. Preferably their way, but done is the key word.

So while I can’t lift anything heavier than a pillow, I will be a part of that special day when my brilliant daughter takes the next step on her journey to becoming an independent alpha female. (I sure hope there’s an elevator…)

Live the adventure!

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