Writer Wednesday #2

Welcome to another installment of Writer Wednesday! If you want to write for publication in any media (books, blogs, articles, etc) you need to know how much you can write each day so you aren’t always feeling the unbearable crunch or dread of looming deadlines.


The first step is finding your most productive time – the time for writing, not brainstorming or editing. Next track your actual word count over several sessions in this productive time. Now, you’ll have a picture of your average and you can use that as your daily minimum production. “No matter what life tosses at me, I can hit Xwords each day.”

Then can use that number to develop a reasonable writing schedule and even increase your productivity as desired.

Live the writing adventure!

Regan Black paranormal romance author


p.s. Visit the For Writers page for more resources and encouragement for your writing journey as well as more details on the Cynthia Bazin-Regan Black mastermind/coaching program for writers.

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