World Building Harry Potter Style

Oh, you had to know I couldn’t resist a timely post like this! Not with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 2 in theaters tomorrow! I’m such a fan of the books and movies. Professionally, I admire the extensive character development and outstanding, original world building. Personally, it’s simply a fantastic series!

Our entire household are Harry Potter fans. Yes, even the dogs and cats because when one of us is reading the books it means hours of cuddle time for the furry creatures.

J.K. Rowling’s books are such a joy to me. The movies too. It’s one series that manages to silence my internal editor and I can just lose myself in her vivid world building.┬áI mean really, Quidditch? You can’t tell me that was on anyone’s radar until she came along. How imaginative…and how absolutely fantastic when they brought it to life in the movies.

No matter the tough editing choices for the movies (I missed Peeves) I feel the studio and directors and actors did an excellent interpretation of Rowling’s books. A good thing too, as she’d done such a fine job in the world building for her novels.

From the first view of the cupboard under the stairs, Harry’s every adventure in both the Muggle world and the Magical world is crafted with loving detail. In my opinion, she took such care not just because the story deserved her best effort, but for the ultimate value to the reader.

Sure, it sounds like such an obvious thing: taking care with world building for a paranormal romance novel (or any novel) to keep the reader in mind, but sometimes authors miss the mark and leave the fine details off the page.

Not Rowling. Oh, I’m sure there were edits, but still, she laid it all out with her brilliant┬áimagination and gift of story telling. As a result, her world building for the novels becomes iconic, and a dynamic, unique experience for readers and moviegoers alike.

Live the adventure!




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