World Building For Paranormal Romance From Scratch

Kresley Cole, Lori Handeland, and Sherrilyn Kenyon write wildly different stories using settings within the ‘real’ world we know and recognize. All three of these talented paranormal romance authors have done the research that makes readers feel as if they’ve traveled along with the characters.

Still other authors use an entirely different world for their paranormal romance novels. While this may seem more challenging at first glance, there’s an infinite amount of freedom in the approach.

How do you convince a reader there’s life on the moon? Like maybe a werewolf colony that’s managed to hide themselves from every lunar landing and exploration. Building a brand new world for your paranormal romance can be fun.

The imagination is boundless! Other planets, lost cities, alternative histories and potential futures actually give authors plenty of new, undiscovered blocks to build the special world for their paranormal romance. As long as they stick to the rules of the world they create.

For example, if gravity’s important, explain how creatures cope or defy it. If you introduce a fuel cell, be sure your heroine doesn’t fill up the tank with unleaded on her way to catch the bad guy.

When you’re considering what sort of world to build for a paranormal romance novel, think about the specific strengths and weaknesses of your characters and/or creatures.

Build them a world that will challenge and surprise, as well as assist and comfort them on their journey through the story.

Also, writer know thyself. Consider the things you’re good at. Think about the voice that comes most naturally to you.

Do you have a penchant for the dark and angsty, or would a battle between good and evil land on the page sounding more like a walk through Central Park on a balmy June day?

Whether you’ve got supernatural creatures romping through the this world or humans trying to navigate an otherworld environment, there’s plenty of room for putting your own spin on the world you build for your paranormal romance novel.

Use your innate storytelling strengths as you build the right world for your paranormal romance. It’ll be more fun in both the writing and editing process and your readers will thank you later!

Live the adventure!


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