When Reality Bites

As an award winning paranormal romance author, I often blog about world building for paranormal romance novels or how to glean world building tips for your novel from your every day life.

But sometimes reality is less than inspiring. Sometimes reality just bites.

That’s when you need fiction. As an author or a reader, these biting reality moments are best soothed with an escape read of some sort. Whatever your fave genre, escape reading is better for you than say, eating that box of Girl Scout cookies in the pantry.

Of course, I’m not qualified to throw stones on the cookie issue as my escape read came with a side of Thin Mints. But I digress…

Yesterday reality bit me hard and I hit my limit of pain and lousy, less than ideal options for treatment.

In my Shadows of Justice series there’s a gifted healer who can cure any ailment with a touch. She’s there for a reason. Mira Luther is my personal escape and the healing is a fantasy as rich and detailed as any of my romantic heroes.

When Mira made her first, very limited, appearance in Justice Incarnate, I didn’t expect that she’d have her own book. But my physical situation is so frustrating, Mira soon became the leading alpha female in Shadows to Light.

When reality bites your world, in whatever manner, fiction is a wonderful treatment. A great story pulls you out of whatever issue plagues you and gives you an essential rest. That usually translates into a refreshed perspective – if for no other reason than you gave your mind or heart or body a break.

For me, fiction is a wonderful antidote for a reality bites type of day, whether I’m reading it or writing it. As a reader I love to spend time with dynamic characters and as an author my own characters pull me out of myself and keep me distracted with their antics and adventures.

Whether it’s contemporary Charleston populated with forgotten creatures of myth, or futuristic Chicago and the uniquely talented people there, you can count on more essential escapes from me to help you overcome days when reality bites.

Live the adventure!

Regan Black paranormal romance author

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