New Perspective For This Paranormal Romance Author

Perspective matters when you’re world building for a paranormal romance novel- or any genre really. Perspective of individual characters, between characters, and as it relates to the conflict or┬ásituation.

But lately, I’ve realized just how quickly perspective can change in real life.

As we moved our daughter off to college and I find my ‘nest’ is now half empty, my perspective has changed. The ripples can be felt in my increased productivity as well as the new, real world building choices I’ve made as a result of the change in circumstances. We’re not in conflict: our daughter is happier than ever in her new environment. But things are different.

During the parent orientation that followed the moving and rather exhausting unpacking process, we were asked how we felt. Sad? Nervous? A little of both? Or were we ready for a second honeymoon?

My hand shot up for that option and my husband and I chuckled a bit. My son (all 6’3″ and fifteen years of him) leaned forward and said, “Mom! I’m still here!”

Well of course he was still here. I hadn’t forgotten him. (Besides, he’s impossible to misplace now that he towers over the whole family and a great portion of the population. Most people on the campus thought he was our college student.

But being ready for a second honeymoon was no reflection on my son and the certain fun ahead of us as he makes his way through high school and into college. I’m looking forward to all of those milestones for him.

But I’m also looking forward to the small changes in my real world. I make different menu choices, I have a bit more free time, certain parts of the daily schedule are more relaxed.

Is missing my daughter part of my new real world perspective? Naturally. And not just because it’s tough being the only female around here sometimes. But knowing she’s happy and content frees up a lot of mental space to explore the world building for my paranormal romance novels as well as tweak my real world expectations and experience.

In other words, watching my kids grow up and navigate in the worlds they’re building for themselves is a real joy.

And a second honeymoon would be awesome! At least from my parental perspective.

Live the adventure!

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