My Holiday World Building Adventure

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Yes, I’m at it again. Comparing decorating and changes in real life to world building for paranormal romance novels. But I can’t help it, because I’m in a festive spirit with the holidays (and the new release of Shadows to Light). Besides, it’s possible some insight here might resonate with you too. (hey, I’m allowed my delusions)

When it comes to world building for novels or reality, you can’t beat a change in decor or the addition of festive decorations to help set a mood. Used correctly, even a little change-up can have a big effect in either real life or in the story you want to bring to life for your readers.

Around here, we traditionally put up our tree and decorate the house on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I like to get as much mileage as possible from the extensive holiday decor I’ve collected through the years.

This year, because everyone seemed to be suffering from prolonged trypophan-induced lethargy, we waited until Saturday. Which turned out to be especially beneficial for our Thanksgiving company who escaped before we discovered numerous bulbs were burned out on our pre-lit tree.

I won’t get into the hazards or hardships involved in fixing that issue, I’ll merely shout a very enthused “Thank you, honey” to my husband for his extreme patience. (I wanted to replace the tree, but I was out voted).

This year, Saturday was the last day our daughter would be around to help decorate and she and I worked to make the front porch festive while my husband got our inflatable Mickey Mouse Santa ready to go.

Since we were short on time, my daughter and I focused on the simple things that would make the most impact because we both wanted the job done quickly but effectively. Time didn’t allow for icicle lights dripping from every edge of our house.

Instead, I believe we created a warm and welcome holiday mood with our Mickey Mouse Santa, oversized ornaments hanging from plant hooks, a tall stack of wrapped “presents” guarded by a pair of nutcrackers, and a twinkling wreath on the front door.

It’s a simple world we built for our holiday spirit, it sets a happy mood for visitors and that’s exactly what we wanted.

World building for paranormal romance novels feels much the same to me. Choosing a focal point that makes a big impact, even if the item or trait itself is rather small. It all comes down to using whatever that focal point is in your novel for the best enjoyment of the reader.

So as you’re decorating for your holiday experience, try to keep that same eye for detail in mind as you write. And be sure whatever the detail is, that your reader can see and feel the difference it has on the characters and their journey.

Live the adventure!

Regan Black paranormal romance author

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Here’s one of my favorite lights set to music displays – just for fun!



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