Tanya Michaels Has A Deft Touch With World Building

Romance author Tanya Michaels, who also writes as Tanya Michna, gives classes on world building. If you’re a paranormal romance writer, or writer of any genre and you have a chance to hear her speak – GO! No, she doesn’t specifically write paranormal romance novels, but I’ll say it again: it’s best to learn from the best, wherever they may be.

This just in: Tanya will be HERE! on September 7th! With a wonderful post about world building – you won’t want to miss it!

For me, as a fan of Michaels’ books, her story worlds come alive in the clever choice of details. For The Best Man in Texas, I’ll point to the drive from Katy to Houston. Odd choice? Maybe. (I’ve never claimed to be normal) This moment is certainly a ‘small’ part of the scene and comes after many other wonderful layers of characterization and world building for the romance novel as a whole.

But with one simple line, she puts you in the scene with her characters, feeling the traffic, traveling the route, and completely engaged with the heroine on the way to the party. (no the scene isn’t about the car, traffic or route – it’s about the characters).

Michaels creates unique characters and detailed world building for her romance novels that is hard to describe, but a pure joy to read. Her transitions between setting and action are seamless, but add vivid depth and tenderness to her stories. This world building blend of emotion, humor, plot, and setting is something I believe has turned many readers to lifelong fans of her work.

Whenever I read Michaels’ books I feel as if I’ve visited the town, walked into that kitchen, or seen the fire station (The Best Man in Texas). That’s a fabulous way for readers to escape and engage with the characters and story.

Such successful world building for romance novels isn’t an easy skill, no matter how effortless Michaels makes it look. As I’ve said before, if you want to learn from the best, buy Tanya Michaels’ books and get yourself to wherever she’s speaking! (her next release is Texas Baby due September 14!)

Live the adventure!

…and mark your calendars for September 7th, when Tanya Michaels will be here!

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