Timeless Light, Knight Traveler series

Timeless Light is the sixth installment and the third full length novel in the Knight Traveler Series  (Reading order is: Heart of Time, Timeless Vision, An Heirloom Amber, Timeless Changes, The Memory Key, Timeless Light)

Available November 27, 2017 25, 2016

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USA TODAY bestseller Regan Black is back with the stunning conclusion to the Knight Traveler series!

In the 6th century, Sir Bors died valiantly in service to King Arthur, but death was only the beginning…

Nadine Amari has been waiting for Sir Bors to wake from his mystical, protected slumber for what feels like an eternity. Her family made the knight a promise centuries past, but when ancient, evil spies creep into the modern world she must do more than sit back and watch him sleep.

When at last Sir Bors returns to life, he finds himself not in the desert where he died, but at the edge of an unfamiliar ocean. He’s been pulled into the 21st century by the siren’s call of a powerful key that, in the wrong hands, will change the fabric of reality.

With Nadine as his guide, Bors will navigate a world he does not understand to battle a mad priestess bent on turning back time itself. He must trust Nadine with the fate of humanity – will he take the bigger risk and trust her with his heart and soul, as well?



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Chapter One

21st century, Brooklyn

From across the street, Nadine Amari took several pictures of the O’Malley pub, adding to her ever-growing collection of intriguing architecture. She could almost hear the brogue on the breeze, drifting across time as the family established the business and planted deep roots on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

One day soon it would be time to go in, to meet Tara O’Malley and her cousin Nick. Nadine’s mind wandered over the story she would tell them, perpetually refining the details. She needed a story convincing enough that the O’Malleys would grant her a private interview with Tara’s new husband, Wayne.

Surely he would help. Unless he’d forgotten the oath he’d once taken as Sir Gawain, a knight of King Arthur’s Round Table. Despite the centuries between his era and this, she didn’t believe he’d forgotten anything. However, she’d been watching the family for several weeks, not yet ready to approach him. He was settled here, content with his new wife and her family. Nadine had to consider the possibility that he would refuse her.

A refusal from Gawain wouldn’t be the end of it. She could still find the shapeshifter. A small tremor rattled across her shoulders and she smothered a groan. Shapeshifters creeped her out. They always had. How did you trust a creature capable of turning into anything?

Of course her task would be a hell of a lot easier if Sir Bors hadn’t reneged on his oath to King Arthur. According to the scarce records, the third knight hand-selected by Arthur had taken the vow, endured the touch of the fire nymph, stood with his hawk for the Lady of Avalon’s blessing and then never held up his end of the deal. Sir Bors should have made the shift through time two years ago, riding to the rescue when Merlin’s sacred book had up and disappeared.

For a knight who’d searched for, found, and returned from the quest for the Holy Grail, finding a musty old book with the help of modern resources should have been an easy task. Not for the first time, she wondered if finding the missing book was her test. Could it be that the divine host believed the task of reclaiming a lost book wasn’t worth sending a legendary knight through time?

If it was her job to find that damned book, she was failing miserably. The thief’s trail had simply evaporated. She’d found a blurred image caught on one camera and then somehow the man passed by every other camera in the building unseen. Magic had been involved, no doubt, but no matter what she did by standard investigation or magical, she’d never picked up so much as a trace of the book, nor a whisper of any collector who might be hoarding it. The only good news was that no one seemed to be trying to unlock or use the book either.

It wasn’t Merlin’s lost book that brought her to New York. No, she wouldn’t bother either Sir Gawain or Sir Kay with that. Rumors of an enchanted key had surfaced. The Memory Key could purportedly open any lock and held vast power to evoke change, although not in the way of Sir Kay’s shapeshifting. According to legend, the key held the power to change a person at a soul-deep level or—too outrageous to believe —the key could change the very nature of the world.

She’d only read one reference to the key in all her years of studying King Arthur’s battles against various evil outbreaks and attempts to overthrow Camelot. Unfortunately, neither the key’s description nor its true power had been the focus of the tale. The bearers of the key, Sir Bors and his hawk, had been the focus of the scribe’s account, along with the vile, spider-ish beasts they defeated to fulfill Merlin’s orders and hide the key from the reach of all evil.

Apparently the monsters sent after the key back then were more important than the sorcerer who’d summoned them for the purpose of stealing the key. She supposed focusing on the monsters made for better stories and didn’t give the sorcerer any lasting attention.

Unfortunately, it made it harder for her, trying to pinpoint and eradicate the real source of the trouble. Again, Sir Bors might be of immense help—if he would only cooperate and wake up.

Nadine murmured a spell and raised the camera, aiming first at the street and working her way up to the rooftops. Gazing through the viewfinder now, she could see the creatures, lurking in shadows, skittering along the brickwork of the buildings adjacent to the O’Malley pub. They were growing, the size of dinner plates now, when just last week those greasy black bodies had been more like softballs surrounded by spindly legs. If the average person had any idea about the creatures skirting around them, they’d run screaming to New Jersey.

She pressed the shutter, spell in place, so she had a record of both numbers and size of the creatures. While she watched, she noticed the evil critters didn’t dare touch the O’Malley property, which gave her waning hope a much-needed boost that there was still time for good to prevail.