Why Philly for Escape Club Sabotage

Only one week until the release of Escape Club: Sabotage – an exciting, brief adventure for Grant and the team at the Escape Club!

About the story: Escape Club: Sabotage is a fast-paced, short adventure featuring characters from the Escape Club Heroes romantic suspense series.
Though running a nightclub is Grant Sullivan’s second career, he can’t shake the instincts that made him an excellent cop or the ingrained need to help the Philadelphia, PA community he calls home. When a band arrives at the club plagued by a multitude of small troubles, Grant and his team must determine if it’s just a run of bad luck or deliberate sabotage.

“SABOTAGE is a great short read, but be warned: if you read it over lunch, you might forget to eat! I believe that, with this series, Regan Black might have found a temporary cure for anything that ails us! Fantastic!” -Monique, goodreads

The original premise for the Escape Club series really boils down to the commitment of everyday heroes in our local communities. Firefighters, police officers, EMTs, etc. go above and beyond to protect us and save lives day in and day out. Firefighters saved our house during a New Year’s Eve party when I was a kid and the memories of their professionalism and compassion will be with me forever.

As you can see in the video above, I love the energy of Philadelphia, PA – a city that balances honoring history with progress. I lived there for a short time as a very little kid, and our son visited colleges in Philly. That’s when I knew I wanted to use it as a backdrop in future books. So the Escape Club took root on a pier along the Delaware River. The owner, Grant Sullivan intended for it to be a hot spot for great music and music lovers, but he just can’t stop helping people in need.

The club and the characters who roam through already feel as close as good friends and family to me – I hope you’ll soon agree!

Escape Club: Sabotage is available for preorder at Amazon | BN and all your favorite booksellers!

Live the adventure,

Regan Black paranormal romance author


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