Moving Target Now Available

Moving Target debuts today – along with more great reads in Elle James’s Brotherhood Protectors Kindle World!


Moving Target is a deadly new addition to the Unknown Identities series and this time John and Amelia are following a potential new UI agent to Eagle Rock, Montana.

John Noble returns in a new adventure to thwart the Unknown Identities agency’s latest attempt to rebuild…

Scott Blackwell proudly served the U.S. Army until he was accused of murder, court-martialed, and imprisoned. When a covert team pulls him out of his cell things go from bad to worse with an impossible ultimatum: kill one target and go free, or go back to jail for life.

Jaime Castle is headed home to Montana for some much-needed vacation time. Wrestling to change a flat tire on a deserted road, she’s grateful for the help of a stranger – until she finds herself caught up in a world of trouble and danger she didn’t know existed. Now she must decide who to trust and what to believe before it’s too late.

A quick teaser:

“I’m not hitchhiking north for fun.”
“Got that figured out all on my own,” Jaime said. “What kind of trouble are you in?”
“It’s really better if you don’t know.” Hell, Scott didn’t understand any of it himself. Without facts to back it up, he wasn’t going to tell her someone had sent him to kill her.

You can learn more about all of the new stories added to the Brotherhood Protectors Kindle World today at Elle’s website or better yet, pick up your copy of each story through the direct amazon links below and make it a Brotherhood Protectors reading weekend! You won’t be disappointed!

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Moving Target – Regan Black –
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Midnight Ranger – Kris Norris –
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Live the adventure!

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