Featured Read: Willow Row by Lisa Phillips

Today’s featured read is a women’s fiction novel from the ever-so-talented Lisa Phillips. You might be familiar with her as the author of the Everlasting vampire trilogy: Obsession Everlasting, Knight Everlasting, and Rogue Everlasting, but she’s proven her skill at crossing genres with this story full of lively characters, gut-wrenching emotion, tough decisions, and the fallout that goes with them.

In Phillips’ novel, Lizzie St. Claire has had just about all she can take. Her marriage ended on a sour note after her husband, the music professor, had a duet with a violinist half his age. Her beloved grandmother, Celeste, went and died on her without so much as a goodbye.

And now she must face her family, and the emotional riptide they can churn out, in her hometown of Willow Row, South Carolina.

Not only must Lizzie endure the fallout after the death of the family matriarch, but Celeste has graciously decided to haunt her. Her grandmother insists she can only rest in peace if Lizzie can find some peace of her own with The Family in the small town she once vowed to never call home again.

As fan and reviewer Penelope says, “This is not the south of the Housewives of Atlanta; no this is the south reminiscent of The Long Hot Summer and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.”

Gloria, also a fan and reviewer adds, “Ms. Phillips has taken this one place, Willow Row, and woven an intricate story of love, pain, heartbreak, and strength and laugh out loud moments that I will not soon forget. I applaud her and it is a book EVERY WOMAN SHOULD READ.”

During a recent interview at the Paranormal Romance Guild, Phillips was asked about her upcoming projects and if she’ll continue to set her books in the south.

Phillips replied, “Being a southerner all my life, I suspect most of my stories will take place there. I like weaving the traditions I grew up with into my stories. It’s sort of a nod to the heritage I am now passing along to my sons. Right now I am working on the second book in a contemporary romance series from Black Lyon Publishing.

“I’m also planning to release another Women’s Fiction title Summer 2013 called, One Flew Over The Empty Nest. It’s a story about a woman trying to figure out how to navigate a new phase in life she wasn’t quite ready for.”

Keep up with Lisa at her website: http://lisa-phillips.com, on Facebook, and Goodreads.

Be sure to treat yourself to a great read and pick up Willow Row today.

Live the adventure!

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