Featured Read: The Dixie Virgin Chronicles by Peggy Webb

Oh, it’s a treat to bring you today’s featured read! Reads – plural – because Peggy Webb released the first two books in her new Dixie Virgin Chronicles series at the same time. Belinda and Janet have the starring roles in this series of delightful romantic comedies featuring seven lifelong girlfriends:

“While Carrie Bradshaw was in Manhattan looking for Sex in the City, the Dixie Virgins were looking for love, marriage, and a baby carriage.”

Belinda, an old-fashioned girl who never had the advantage of a college education, lands a job as nanny and falls in love with her boss. But getting him to fall in love with her requires a lot of scheming by the Dixie Virgins.

“Clever, sassy, and laugh aloud funny, this 7-book series follows seven women from the Deep South who met at a summer camp for girls when they were in pigtails and remained best friends through the years.”

Janet has her life mapped out: finish her medical degree, hang out her shingle, then find a suitable man and have a family that includes two kids and a dog with a pedigree. When a stray named Harvey and a sexy Mr. Wrong upset her plans, it takes the Dixie Virgins to make everything right.



If you’re a fan of romantic comedy, this is a series you won’t want to miss! Treat yourself to a good laugh and delicious romance and pick up The Dixie Virgin Chronicles today!


Live the adventure!

Regan Black paranormal romance author

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