Featured Read RAGE by Debra Webb

I’m so excited to help spread the news about RAGE! The newest installment in the Faces of Evil thriller series by USA Today Bestselling Author Debra Webb is available now. Do yourself a favor and grab your copy today. It’s available on Kindle, Nook, or pick it up in paperback online or at a retail store in your neighborhood!


Don’t wait until tomorrow. Make time to get your copy TODAY!

Why am I being so pushy? That’s simple. RAGE is one of those 5 star, page-turning, can’t-miss books. (Deb tends to write them that way).

Here’s a bit more about RAGE:

“…A rage…that nothing can allay, nothing but blood…” ~William Shakespeare

Jess Harris returned to her Alabama hometown of Birmingham and started over. As a former special agent in Quantico’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, there isn’t much in the way of evil that she hasn’t seen. Yet the blood bath she discovers in a quiet Birmingham bedroom community shocks even her. Amid the eerie echoes of the Charles Manson massacre, Jess investigates the cop’s wife who was brutally murdered while her baby lay sleeping down the hall.

As the body count rises, Jess and her team scramble to determine if the murders are gang-related, a personal vendetta…or something else even more heinous. When Jess names a suspect that sends shock waves through the entire department, she discovers that the identity of the killer may lie with an autistic child who has gone missing. Jess races against time to save the child and to stop a final, horrifying act of rage.

Granted I read a wide variety of books, and romantic suspense novels and thrillers are always in my to-be-read stack. But this series takes the romantic suspsense/thriller genre to a whole new level with memorable characters and intense cases Jess and Dan must unravel, all the while dealing with their complex, ever-evolving personal situation.

I was hooked on this series from the first pages of OBSESSION, book one in the Faces of Evil series. The twists and turns of the case and the edgy chemistry between Jess and Dan kept me turning pages when I should have been doing any number of other things. That’s always the hallmark of a great book, isn’t it?

You can start with Obsession or start in right now with RAGE – the novels are written so you can jump into the series anywhere and enjoy a nail-biting adventure sure to keep you up past your bedtime. 

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Still unsure? You can stop by any of the blogs on Deb’s blog tour (going on now) to enter for great prizes or visit her Faces of Evil website for an overview of each book (OBSESSION, IMPULSE, POWER, and RAGE), amazing excerpts, character interviews and much, much more.

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Live the adventure! (and go pick up RAGE)

Regan Black paranormal romance author


2 Responses to Featured Read RAGE by Debra Webb

  1. Wonderful review, Regan. I could not agree with you more.

    The Faces of Evil series is excellent. If you like spectacular Romantic Suspense, this series is for you.

    One of the reasons that the series works so well is that Deb has managed to combine an action-packed plot with a character driven plot, not an easy feat.

    Jess and Dan are the main characters in all of the books. Given their past history, each book allows them to cautiously come to terms with their feelings for each other in a second chance at love while at the same time that they are dealing with murder and mayhem, including a serial killer.

    Jess is a kick-ass, independent heroine whose continual determination to do things her own way, even if they are outside Police protocol, drives Dan crazy. He is very protective of her and always has her back which is not easy since he is the Chief of Police.
    Another great aspect of the series is that Deb allows the reader to see the flaws of Jess and Dan as well as those other recurring characters. You feel invested in the characters with respect to their personal and professional lives.

    Each book in the series is a fast read because you become so caught up in it. The first three books are Obsession, Impulse, and Power.

    There is a good reason that RT Magazine gave Rage, the fourth book in the series, 4 1/2 stars.

    Deb has posted the first three chapters of Rage on thefacesoevil.com website. If you read them, you will be hooked.

    I highly recommend Rage and the other books in the series. I guarantee that if you read Rage first, you will go back and read the earlier books.

    Marijane Diodati

  2. Just got my copy of Rage. Ready to read it this w/e. The first three books were fantastic! Kept me reading till the end, that’s why I’m waiting till the w/e. Need not to have to get up early when I stay up all night reading.

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