Faces of Evil Series by Debra Webb Comes To Paperback!

Look out thriller fans! One of the most prolific and talented authors I know, Debra Webb, launched an addictive series last year with her FACES OF EVIL books, and the first three books are out in paperback today!

And at killer prices! Faces_Of_Evil-300x41

OBSESSION, IMPULSE, and POWER hit store shelves today and you will want to snap up these amazing reads at the shocking price of only $3.99 each!

OBSESSION: “The face of evil is always the face of total need.” William S. Burroughs II

Special Agent Jess Harris put the city of Birmingham in her rearview mirror more than two decades ago. She promised herself she was never going back. Didn’t matter that the man with whom she’s expected to spend the rest of her life was there. He’d chosen home over her.

Now, with her job at the Bureau in the toilet and a notorious serial killer obsessed with her, she’s headed home to help the man she’d once loved find four missing young women. But will they find the victims before the serial killer known as the Player catches up with Jess and she becomes his next victim?

IMPULSE: “Men cannot always give an account of their impulses.”  Joseph Parker, The Ark of God

The Player has taken a victim and he wants Jess Harris to play his game. He will stop at nothing to garner her attention. Jess is certain the only way to stop him from taking more innocent lives is for her to play along.

Chief of Police Dan Burnett has offered Jess the position of deputy chief over Birmingham’s new major crimes unit. She’s back home and he wants her to stay. He wants a second chance for them. But can he protect her from a heinous serial killer who is determined to have her for himself?

POWER: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely…” John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton

Jess Harris is ready to get on with her life. The Player is out of her hair for now and things are coming together for her in Birmingham. But when a celebrated ballet instructor is found dead, Jess goes head to head with the powers that be, including Chief of Police Dan Burnett. She is convinced the woman’s death was no accident much less suicide and she intends to prove it.

The deeper Jess digs the more danger she finds. From the grand mansions of Birmingham’s elite to the gang-infested ruins on the side of town no one likes to talk about, Jess is determined to find the truth. But will Dan be able to protect her when a target is painted on her forehead?

These books will suck you into Jess’ and Dan’s world and keep you turning pages… and when, breathless, you reach ‘the end’ I bet you’ll find a place of honor for these books on your keeper shelf!

Go! Grab your copies today at this amazing bargain price!

Live the adventure!

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