Escape Club Sabotage Excerpt

The next short adventure featuring Grant and his Escape Club crew will be available on September 28th and it’s time to share an excerpt!

From Chapter One: Tonight’s headliner band, Wish Blender, was a group Jason particularly enjoyed. They had a distinct, gritty sound as unique as their name. He enjoyed the wicked sense of humor displayed in the music videos posted online and had a mild fan-crush on their lead singer. He’d discovered that meeting some of these rising stars in person was a huge perk of being part of the Escape Club team. Whatever he decided to do with his career, Jason intended to stick close to the club in some capacity.

“Wish Blender is rolling in,” Grant’s voice preceded the man into the club from the hallway.

In his forties, the dash of gray at Grant’s temples and his eyebrows were the only sign of time’s passing. With a solid, stocky build that would be right at home in a boxing ring, the man never seemed to run out of energy. It was as if the nearly-nocturnal life of a night club owner had been his birthright.

“You good here?” Grant asked, pausing at the end of the bar.

“On schedule,” Jason replied. The routine setup of stocking the bar coolers with beer and pitchers of pre-mixed cosmopolitans, tonight’s drink special, was moving right along. “Let me know if you need a hand back there.”

He kept an eye on the four-person band as they unloaded and arranged various pieces of gear on stage. Although Jason was a relatively new addition to the staff, he already had a feel for the rhythm of the club’s day to day operation.

A crash backstage followed by a high-pitched scream, set him into motion before he’d made a conscious decision to move. As a firefighter that inherent urge to help propelled him toward the stage. He jumped up on the front lip of the stage, taking the most direct route to the sounds of distress behind the curtain.

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And if you’ve ever wondered if art imitates life, for this story, the answer is yes! Check out this quick video for the full story behind the premise of Sabotage:

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