Wide Open Elements Of Paranormal Romance Novels

I’ve often said the field is wide open when it comes to specific elements of paranormal romance novels. And I believe it! Paranormal romance authors have it easy – relatively – because we can make the impossible the norm.

There’s the mental/psychic elements of paranormal romance novels. I think Jayne Ann Krentz and her pseudonyms pull this one off with such smooth grace in the arc of a story, be it futuristic (Jayne Castle), contemporary, or historical (Amanda Quick).

The prize for slipping an element of paranormal into what seems to be a contemporary romance goes to Nora Roberts. Among other things, this magnificent storyteller often stirs ghostly encounters into the character’s journey, either as mentor or obstacle (or both). No surprise she’s the first female to reach 1 million sales on Kindle!

Shifters and vamps are as varied as “singular” elements of paranormal romance novels can be. Authors who tackle the vampire element of paranormal romance novels from a refreshing new angle range from well-known Meg Cabot to up and comer Lisa Phillips. When it comes to the shape shifter legends, I’m hooked on Virginia Kantra’s Children of the Sea series. She delivers a delightful twist on a tried and true element of paranormal romance novels.

Personally, in the Shadows of Justice series I discovered I like to play with the dark and edgy elements of paranormal romance novels. Not only do I let my characters toy with the future, many of them have boosted psychic powers as well, in the forms of telepathy or telekinesis. Jaden, the heroine of Justice Incarnate, even shares a debilitating bond with the current victims of the demon she’s been hunting for centuries.

During this fabulous National Book Blitz month of January, paranormal romance authors can have even more fun as we let readers know what delightful entertainment choices we have to offer with our wide open and widely varied elements of paranormal romance novels.

Live the adventure!

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