Who Wants Free Paranormal Romance Novels?

Calling all paranormal romance novel fans! Who doesn’t like free stuff? Of course I know fans of paranormal romance novels have their favorite authors in the genre, but let’s face it – voracious readers are always looking for another great story. I know I am!

Being a fan of the genre as well as a paranormal romance author, I’ve changed up my efforts to make it easier for readers to get to know me, and to take my work for a test drive before parting with  $2.99 for my paranormal romance novels.

There’s a fan page on Facebook now (there’s another link down on the sidebar) that features a brand new 2096 novel, Tracking Shadows, starring Slick Micky. A few pages are posted to the fan page every day – and will continue until the book is complete. Then, after some light editing, the book will be posted in its entirety to Kindle!

This is a really cool project because I prefer to write by the seat of my pants and this novel is written pretty much in real time, a few pages a day. It is so much fun just letting the characters in my head play around the Chicagoland world of 2096 that I built for them with the first 2096 novel, Justice Incarnate.

Which brings me to my BIG news – the FREE stuff!

I’m thrilled to be able to offer this amazing giveaway. It wouldn’t even be possible without the encouragement I’ve received from paranormal romance readers and reviewers as well as the support of my fellow paranormal romance authors and critique partners.

If you haven’t yet read my novels, or if you’re looking to complete your personal collection, this is a great opportunity for you! All three Shadows of Justice paperbacks will go to one lucky winner. Just visit the Paranormal Romance Guild and enter today!

Live the adventure!

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