What Is Paranormal Romance?

Just what is a paranormal romance? In a word it’s fantastic! On a bookshelf, it’s an endless variety of entertainment from dark and edgy to fun and humorous with plenty of strong heroines mixing with hunky heroes of every sort – literally.

Paranormal romance is considered a sub-genre under the romance umbrella, but the supernatural provides a very real smorgasbord for readers.

You’ve got your ghosts and ghost hunters, shape-shifters, vampires (from quirky to sensual), time travelers (forward or back), witches, historicals, other worlds, god mythologies, zombies and more. The only limit is imagination – and fortunately for readers, paranormal writers have plenty to share.

When you think of paranormal romances, think escape reading to the extreme. Paranormal romances blend what we’ve been taught doesn’t exist – say, werewolves or fairies – with what we know does exist – love.

The world – or one like it – is your oyster with paranormal romance. By taking the framework of what is known (a popular legend or city) and tweaking it with the unknown, you get a dynamic canvas on which to layout a complex plot painted with a vibrant love story.

There’s nothing typical – and no way to pigeon hole – a paranormal romance. If two consenting adults are attracted, but possibly being manipulated by a love-sick Faerie Prince, is that contemporary or fantasy? (Nora Roberts)

If you toss a contemporary virgin back through time to land in a bigger than life highland laird’s bed…is that time travel or historical? (Karen Marie Moning)

If your contemporary heroine opens a birthday book featuring an ancient warrior cursed (by a minor Greek god) to bring her every intimate fantasy to life…is that mythology or time-travel? (Sherrilyn Kenyon)

And if a valkerie married a lycan, while their friends and relatives (also being unique creatures) competed in a supernatural version of the Amazing Race…is that mythology, werewolf, or contemporary? (Kresley Cole)

The real beauty is that it doesn’t matter what you call it as long as you know where to find it. (and how to describe it to your friends).

Who knew I’d ever root for a demon to win the fair maiden? (Thanks Kresley Cole!) But that’s just the sort of delightful surprise paranormal romances offer.

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