Various Elements of Paranormal Romance Novels

There are so many details and factors that go into getting a book to the reader. And while I’ve often discussed the various elements of paranormal romance novels as the term relates to characters, world building, emotions, and romance, I’m thrilled to announce that next Thursday (September 2!) Monica Burns will be my guest to discuss novels, writers, and some marketing elements of paranormal romance novels. (and she’s giving away a copy of her September¬† release, Assassin’s Heart too!)

For today, I’d planned on blogging about the emotional elements of paranormal romance novels, but my heart just isn’t in it.

Just kidding. Sort of.

Not that my heart isn’t in the blog, because I love connecting here with readers and paranormal romance writers! But I’ve just finished a book (that shall remain nameless) that I’d been eagerly anticipating because the author has such talent for writing sweeping, vivid adventures that have me laughing out loud and reaching for tissues (no, I don’t read this author just during allergy season).

But when I completed the story, I sat back and said, Huh.

Naturally (as a paranormal romance writer living with three engineer types) I started to analyze what didn’t work (for me). Eventually I concluded the ‘heart’ was the element of the paranormal romance novel that had gone missing. The plot was solid, the adventures intense and well-paced. The elements of romance (and physical intimacy) were all there – but I didn’t feel it – or rather I didn’t feel like the characters really had their heart in it.

Jenny Crusie once said, “A book isn’t finished until the reader reads it.

So very true! As a paranormal romance reader, I know we all bring our own baggage to a story, even when we’re reading for escape.

I’m well aware that even my favorite authors will occasionally deliver a book that doesn’t resonate with me. (it’s one of those rather impossible goals to please everyone with every title). But I’d had such high hopes for this one. Will I read the next release from this paranormal romance writer? Of course! And while I’m waiting, I’ll probably reread a favorite book or two from the series – I’m a reader (and a genre fan) for life, even when one element of the paranormal romance novel goes missing once in awhile.

Live the adventure!

Don’t forget to tune in on September 2 for Monica and her book giveaway!!!

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