Trusting the Elements of Paranormal Romance Novels

Trust is an imperative element of paranormal romance novels.

The paranormal romance author trusts the reader to make the leap and the reader trusts the author to make it believable. As a reader who often indulges in historical romance for escape, Amanda Quick books are some of my favorites. I’m a big fan of the Arcane Society series written under all three names Quick/Krentz/Castle and in all three time periods.

An analyst could look at Krentz’s career and have enough for an in depth study of the various elements of paranormal romance novels from ‘psychical’ talents to sub culture to other worlds. But trust between the paranormal romance author and reader is evident in every one.

The first novel I read set on Castle’s world of Harmony wasn’t her first Harmony novel, but when I bumped into terms I didn’t know, I inferred from the context and trusted the author to deliver. I wasn’t disappointed.

Part of it comes down to timing, when and how the author chooses to explain a certain element of a paranormal romance novel.

When my husband and I were first married, we read a great deal of Tom Clancy. I confess I usually skimmed the passages about weaponry and the science behind it while my husband soaked up every word.

Now, as a paranormal romance author, I’ve found trusting my own instincts is a critical element of writing paranormal romance novels.  Do I explain a new toy or trick now or later? Every scene and situation is different, so the answer always comes down to creating the best experience for the reader.

During ‘the call’ for my first sale, Justice Incarnate, I considered it a huge compliment when the editor said, “I was worried the future world be too techie, but it’s not.” It was important to me that the futuristic elements of the paranormal romance novel didn’t take away from the story or characters.

It was high praise that I’d managed to earn the editor’s trust as a reader – so much so that she bought the book!

Live the adventure!

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