Time Management As An Element of Paranormal Romance Novels

Time management is often a critical element in a storyline, primarily in thrillers or romantic suspense. But time management is an important element of paranormal romance novels too.

Particularly for the paranormal romance author.

Sure, paranormal romance authors think outside the box, but we shouldn’t languish there, forever dreaming and never writing or editing. Paranormal romance novels are a hot commodity in the retail world, with legions of diehard fans who want a little extra in their novels.

I’m not advocating throwing a few scenes of supernatural antics together, slapping a cover on it, calling it done, and rushing it into the market. I’m saying a paranormal romance author must manage their time, finding a balance between well-crafted stories and reader demand for quality books.

Paranormal Romance in an urban fantasy

We can’t all be Nora Roberts or Jayne Ann Krentz putting out books every few months under multiple pen names. Though they’d both tell you productivity boils down to putting in the writing time.

Each of us has different demands on our time and energy. However, we can be our best selves, putting our best effort on the page and into the promotion, if we manage our time wisely.

Time management is one key to developing the strong storylines and characters, both critical elements for paranormal romance novels. Not just the time line in the story arc, but the time line in the creative process.

I can get twice as much done in the mornings -creatively – than I can in the afternoons. Before noon, a 40 minute investment usually yields 600-1000 words in the rough draft. After 1pm though, it takes me a good hour to net 500 words. Some days I get a second wind after dinner and I run with it rather than ignore it. Oddly enough, if I’m writing ghosts, I like to do it after dark. Weird, but I obey the productive nudge when I can.

Still it takes time, discipline, and practice (especially with the distractions of the internet) to stay in the story and obey those elements of the paranormal romance novel in process.

To get your best story on the page, to incorporate the elements of the paranormal romance novel that set your story apart, you need to find that sweet spot. Know when you’re at your best for any given activity and try to use that time most effectively.

As motivation, think about the end point: the readers and fans who soak up all the unique variations and elements of paranormal romance novels we can deliver.

Live the adventure!

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