The Newest Addition To The Matchmaker Series

As a paranormal romance author, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that my imagination wanders down strange paths with only the least bit of prompting. The Matchmaker series was sparked by a simple, errant thought during an advertisement for an online dating site: “How would a werewolf fill out that profile?” Well, my imagination took the bait and set out to answer the question.

Living near Charleston, South Carolina, a romantic city that embraces its colorful past, only tossed fuel on that fire. Charleston is full of big history and legends, plenty of ghosts and gardens, and more than a few strange paths. In other words, it’s the perfect setting for my lighthearted romantic, paranormal tales that will leave you smiling.

Patriots as well as pirates rattled chains down in the Old Provost Dungeon. Ghosts are no rare sight at places like the Unitarian Churchyard, Southend Brewery, or the Battery Carriage House Inn. (Fair warning, they aren’t all friendly.) The restaurants, gardens, and architecture of the city are full of inspiration for me and letting my characters in this series play in Charleston is such fun.

For example, in THE MATCHMAKER’S MARK, the half-elf Lily owns a flower shop in the famous shopping district of King Street. A few blocks down from her place is a Mexican restaurant favored by Lily’s brother as well as the werewolf Grant Barclay who is our frustrated hero in THE MATCHMAKER’S CURSETMC-kindle-2

In the Unitarian Churchyard, Amy (the new Matchmaker) discovered she had the unexpected power to assist ghosts with matters of the heart when she helped reunite a ghost so desperately in love that she died on the same day as her husband, though they were hundreds of miles apart at the time.

That encounter was just the tip of the iceberg for Amy and in THE BODYGUARD’S VOW, she is learning first hand that it takes a trusted team of experts to keep a Matchmaker safe, informed, and on task.

Join the fun with this latest novella – a lighthearted adventure as Amy navigates the murky and frequently unexpected world of magical creatures who are either out to get her or out to save her.

Additionally, Amy’s retired greyhound (a gift from her Aunt Camille) plays a bigger role in this latest novella, which made the story that much more fun to write!

Live the adventure!

Regan Black paranormal romance author

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