The Matchmaker’s Curse Arrives Tomorrow

I’m absolutely, positively THRILLED to share the news that THE MATCHMAKER’S CURSE will be available everywhere tomorrow. (cue crazy-happy dancing)

Breaking news: March 20: It’s now available on ebook shelves at Amazon or BN or Smashwords!

Book two in the Matchmaker series of lighthearted paranormal romance. Grant Barclay is a marked man, er werewolf, thanks to startling the new Matchmaker at their first meeting. The only problem: he’s not in the market for a soulmate.

Once more set in Charleston, South Carolina, this story of Grant and the Matchmaker’s best friend, Maeve King, was so much fun to write!

TMC-kindle-2Charleston is so full of legends and history, both romantic and dark, as well as a bustling city always playing host to one event or another.

I loved doing the research for this book, combing through the history of local swamps and exploring lesser known myths from dryads to the ghosts of giants.

It even worked out that I could introduce another one of my favorite Charleston ghost stories: Zoe haunts a local restaurant and often startles visitors, but the staff are used to her.

Setting the book during the annual South Eastern Wildlife Expo, was just perfect timing for a werewolf’s visit to Charleston, in my opinion.

And a bonus for readers? A special recipe is included with THE MATCHMAKER’S CURSE, courtesy of Matt Lee and Ted Lee, The Lee Bros. of Southern cooking fame. But that’s a fangirl story for another day…

Here’s a sneak peek!

“Excuse me.” Her smooth Southern voice landed on his ears as gently as her fingertips landed on his shoulder.

He turned his head, but kept his hands on his pint. “Yeah?”

Her narrow fingers slid away and her pupils dilated. He heard her breath catch and his hunter’s instincts scented the flash of fear just under her skin. When she smiled it was like flipping a switch. Her fear was trumped by something between bravado and confidence. Foolish human.

“I’m Maeve King. I believe we met a few weeks ago but I’ve forgotten your name.”

“Grant Barclay.” He gave her a terse nod and turned back to his beer.

“Thank you, Mr. Barclay. I just wanted to say hello.”

He slid her a look over his shoulder. “Hello. You’re the English professor, right?” Her smile didn’t wobble despite his coarse manners. Interesting. She wasn’t oozing that desperate come-hither vibe she’d shown previously either. “Do you teach anything else?”

That smile didn’t so much as wobble. “I offer additional classes and lectures on various topics including contemporary literature influences from mythology to fairy tales to Shakespeare.”

“How… entertaining.” Indulging a perverse desire to test her limits, he let his gaze roam over that delicate face and lower, hesitating at the creamy swells of her breasts before coasting over the rest of her. She had a beautiful body and he didn’t mind that they both knew it. This close, he could see the deep blue of the dress brought out matching flecks in her eyes. “You’re here alone?”

Look for it on ebook ‘shelves’ tomorrow March 20th! And stay tuned for announcements about launch events for this book.

UPDATE: March 20th: Want to read more? Pick up your copy today at Amazon or BN or Smashwords!

Live the adventure (and always enjoy the fantasy!)

Regan Black paranormal romance author

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