The Friendship Elements of Paranormal Romance Novels

Friendship is a key element in the lives of most people…truthfully a person isn’t emotionally healthy if they are always alone and apart from a community. But lessons from a gothic novel will have to wait for another day – today I’m focused on friendships as an element of paranormal romance novels.

As a reader, a book is most satisfying when we watch the character grow and change over the course of events, circumstances, and crisis resolution. Paranormal novels add in the extra layer of fantasy or fairy tale, but the basic concept is the same in any story.

Friends and the friendships between characters can be a vital element of  the paranormal romance novel. Not just as sidekicks, or a resting/review scenes where the reader can catch a breath from the action, although that’s often done. Friendships can motivate a character to strive – often the case if the hero or heroine needs to save a friend from injury or trouble.

Friendships can also be a key element of paranormal romance novels as an added layer to the motivation, to deepen the hero or heroine’s commitment to the cause. In Kresley Cole’s latest release, Demon From The Dark, the heroine was more dedicated to pleasing her captors when it meant saving her friend’s daughter.

Of course as an element of paranormal romance novels, friends can be the sounding board, an opportunity to get information to the reader through interaction or dialogue. Unlikely friendships can add a humorous element, or a budding friendship amid chaos can result in character learning to trust – either themselves or another person.

One of the most frequent comments I’ve received about Justice Incarnate is about the friendship between Jaden (the heroine) and her friend Cleveland. They bonded as kindred spirits – operating on both sides of the law – but they help each other throughout the story. As a collector of stuff from the past, Cleveland is quirky and helps Jaden open up and show her more compassionate nature. And because fans like him so much, I try to give him a cameo in most of the Shadows of Justice books and novellas.

However you prefer your friendships as an element of paranormal romance novels, be sure to let your real life friends know you appreciate them!

Live the adventure!

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