The Emotional Elements of Paranormal Romance Novels

There are so many elements that can turn a story into a paranormal novel with or without a romantic element.

But the emotional impact is what makes a reader, thoroughly engaged with a spooky story jump when the cat hops onto the chair, or tear up over a heartbreaking moment in a romance.

Emotion, or rather evoking emotion, is a key element of a paranormal romance novel. It’s the key that unlocks the many layers of entertainment most paranormal romance novels offer the reader.

Where do authors get the emotion to use it as a key element of paranormal romance novels?

Inside the author – you’ve probably heard authors say if the scene doesn’t make them cry/laugh/sigh their reader won’t either. They’re right, but that doesn’t mean you have to be unhappy, giddy, or floating down from a recent orgasm to write those scenes.

The key to putting that emotional element in the paranormal romance novel is being able to remember how you felt when that certain something did make you cry, laugh, or sigh.

Donald Maass discusses this in his books and workshops on writing, most recently in The Fire in Fiction. (if you haven’t picked it up, I highly recommend it.)

If someone cuts you off in the carpool lane and you’re just aggravated as hell, turn to that when someone steps on the toes of your kick-butt heroine or tortured hero. Did you clench your teeth, fist your hands on the wheel, or offer up some colorful metaphors?

What about that silly girl’s night out when you were laughing so hard you nearly spilled the wine?

Thinking back to those stand out moments helps paranormal romance authors. Life gives all of us a gold mine of emotion to draw on when we need to boost that emotional element of a paranormal romance novel.

So maybe I didn’t actually have an affair with a kilt-wearing ancient Scottish warrior, but I remember how safe I felt when my husband stood tall and protected me from someone determined to cause me pain.

Emotions are universal, key elements of paranormal romance novels that make the escape worth the time for the reader.

Live the adventure!

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  1. Great post, Regan! You know how I LOVE character ;o)

    I think you’re right on track–character is the vehicle through which readers escape into our story plots. And it’s how we leave a piece of ourselves for readers to connect to. The more accessible we make our own emotions to our characters as we write them, the better chance we have of connecting to the reader who will one day be living that imaginary world with us…

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