Techno Fun and Paranormal Romance Novels

In my paranormal romance novels set in 2096 Chicago, I ‘invented’ cell cards. Basically a techie gadget unique to a person that you could use on any computer or public ‘phone’.

Based on the current technology, it’s not a completely new idea. There are all kinds of variations on the market even now and we get closer to that type of device with every generation of technological improvement. Just the amount of data stored in that stripe on the back of your credit or debit card – even your hotel room key – all of that was fodder for the 2096 cell card.

The cell card comes into play in various scenes throughout the paranormal romance novels in the Shadows of Justice series as well as my latest release, Tracking Shadows. But none of the dreaming I do for my novels prepared me for the extensive comparison shopping when it was time to upgrade my cell phone.

The various builds, improvements, and bells and whistles of smart phones only proved my theory about the cell card in my fictitious future. A few years ago, devices were getting ridiculously small. Apparently designers realized they couldn’t go smaller and still have people enjoy using them. So they gave us more computing and connection power, while keeping the device functional.

Thank you!

I needed a new phone, but while I often write in the future, I can be a bit glued to the simple things of the present or past. Part of it is knowing how I’ll be with a new ‘toy’ and knowing my calendar is packed with deadlines in the coming weeks. I admit a bit of the other part is fear.

Everyone in my family seems to ‘get’ technology faster than I do (which might be another reason I like making stuff up!) There’s a certain tone my kids employ when answering my questions about games, smart phones, apps, and such. They know I’m not stupid, they just laugh at where I get caught in the web of too much information. (usually at the point where they’re waxing poetic about the programming involved).

But I also wanted to do more than call or text. I want to stay connected when I’m on the road between school events (college and high school). I want to be able to snap a picture of what’s in the next Smuggler’s Stash and share it on twitter and facebook right away.

So I dug deep for some courage and now I’m on the smartphone wagon. I’m happy. Delirious even! And not just because my new phone came with a kindle app. (They did that just for me, right?!)

Will I change the cell card concept in future paranormal romance novels? Nah. I like that the characters who play in my fictitious future have so many options. (and that they aren’t usually as cowardly as I am when it comes to using them). LOL

Live the adventure!

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  1. What a great post, Regan!! At least I don’t feel so alone. I get flumxed trying to work the stupid remotes sometimes, now there are smart phones that are most assuredly smarter than I am!! LOL

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