Spooky Elements For Paranormal Romance Novels

In honor of Halloween (in just a few days – Woot!) I thought I’d focus on one of the classic, and trickier elements of paranormal romance: Ghosts!

Ghosts are so very versatile in storytelling. There’s everything from A Christmas Carol to Poltergeist to Ghost. (pardon me a moment while I sigh over Patrick Swayze) Which means ghosts lend themselves to all sorts of characterizations for paranormal romance writers.

Ghosts can be spooky tragic, spooky sexy, or spooky sidekick elements in paranormal romance novels. So versatile!

In Monica Burns’ recent Assassin’s Heart, she applied past life/reincarnation which basically told two stories for the hero and heroine: the current and the past. It wasn’t out right ghost storytelling, but it was close. (and very cool – if you haven’t read the Assassin’s series – now’s the time!)

Nora Roberts uses ghosts liberally in her novels. The Chesapeake Bay saga, the In The Garden trilogy, and the Irish Trilogy are just a few examples. Sometimes the ghosts are villains, sometimes mentors, and sometimes secondary romance characters.

These spooky character elements can come in handy, sort of like a tricorder in the original Star Trek series, to enhance the mood or advance the plot of a paranormal romance novel.

Some authors give their ghosts powers to influence friends and enemies or to move things about for ornery or villainous purposes. Other authors apply thisĀ  spooky element of paranormal romance novels to right a wrong or put a treasure (like love) into the right hands. Kresley Cole’s a good example of that last one in Dark Needs At Night’s Edge with Naomi, a ghostly heroine.

Whatever your favorite element of paranormal novels, at this time of year you have to give the ghost it’s due!

Live the adventure!

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