Seizing Your Best Elements Of Paranormal Romance Novels

The elements of paranormal romance novels are only limited by the author’s imagination and ability to make it believable for the fans of the genre.

I’ve always subscribed to the theory that you should ‘do’ what you’re good at (and ‘do’ the things you enjoy being good at) This is a theory I grew up with, first presented by my father as: Do what you love and the money will follow.

Exception to the rule of this theory: I used to be pretty good at sleeping, but no one will pay me for that, unless you count the story ideas that occur to me during REM sleep.

Applying that theory to the elements of paranormal romance novels, I believe it’s vital for authors to deliver elements they’re good at – the elements they enjoy. If vampires aren’t your thing – don’t chase the market – just write the werewolves you love (if you love werewolves). I happen to enjoy writing the mental ‘super power type’ elements of paranormal romance. (you can read excerpts and reviews)

One simple exercise to highlight the elements of paranormal romance you enjoy writing is to set a timer (ten minutes or so) and let yourself do a free-thought sort of scene. Try it again with a different element.

Keep going until you find the element of paranormal romance that absolutely captivates you as a writer. Not only can this spark some great story ideas, but if you really let yourself go, you’ll be able to apply that insight to your craft and enjoy your process even more.

Live the adventure!

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