Resolutions And Revisions For Writers

As we get closer to putting the wrap on 2010, it’s natural to look ahead to 2011. Whether you want to give your writing life a jump start, or need some encouragement to tackle the editing of the manuscript you just finished, the Resolutions and Revisions class can help.

Once more, I’m happy to say, this online class is sponsored by the LowcountryRWA.  The class will start on January 5th (registration deadline is January 2nd)

New Year’s Resolutions and Revisions
Presented by Regan Black

Course Description:
“Resolve to kick off 2011 by treating yourself to a fresh look at goal-setting for authors, positive resolutions for your writing, and a painless approach to the art of revisions.

This class will give you an opportunity to:

  1. Evaluate what you want from your writing,
  2. How to refine your writing for submission,
  3. Tips on working with an editor’s revision requests,
  4. How to strengthen and highlight your writing by taking an example from some popular movies.

I love presenting this class because of the energy and enthusiasm we generate in discussions. No matter your current writing achievements I hope you’ll join us as we hit the ground running toward our publishing goals in 2011.

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