Read An Ebook Week Is Here!

That’s right, March 6-12 is officially Read An Ebook Week!

We might well subtitle this week as “Celebrate the Reader Week”, because ebooks are one of the best ways authors of every genre can get their books directly to readers. Read an Ebook Week has been going on for many years, but as eReading devices have become more accessible and ebook retailers and libraries offer increasing options for readers, I predict this will be the biggest year ever.

Which is great news for ebook readers as well as the paranormal romance authors who are learning how to bring quality products to the market.

Naturally, I’d like you to read my Shadows of Justice novels and other short stories, all available as ebooks (on Kindle and other formats) but of course it’s up to you and what you like to read.

Paranormal romance authors are dynamic examples of  the why the ebook market is expanding every day.

Not afraid to take chances and always ready to deliver an engaging, inventive story, paranormal romance authors have learned how to get their story into reader’s hands. I believe paranormal romance authors combine a wealth of willing author support and creative ideas that benefit the ebook industry. Through online forums, and sites like Goodreads and the Paranormal Romance Guild paranormal romance authors and readers can connect, discuss, and explore the multitude of ebook offerings.

If you’ve never read an ebook before, now is the time to give both a new experience and a new author a try.

Ebooks are formatted for reading on your computer, phone, iPad, kindle, nook, and other devices. There are also applications available to let you read your ebook uninterrupted between multiple devices. In most cases, you can sample a book before you buy, and many ebooks are priced lower than their print counterparts, making it a low risk, high reward investment.

Join the party – try an ebook today!

Live the adventure!

Just in time for Read an Ebook Week! Justice Incarnate, the book that launched the Shadows of Justice series, is now only 99 cents! And the Shadows of Justice series continues with the original novel, Tracking Shadows, delivered in daily installments on Facebook!

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