Putting A Wrap On May

Wow! May has just flown by (like the months before it). Some time theory I read once said the sense of time flying was a factor of aging. Kind of how when you’re a kid, it feels like Christmas will never get here, but as a parent, it rushes in way too fast? Well, I guess there are less flattering ways to be told you’re old.

It’s been a busy month both as a paranormal romance author and as a wife and mom.

My latest novel, Tracking Shadows is out and making the rounds at ebook retailers. (paperback coming soon) I’ve been promoting around the web and prepping for the June blog tour. Facebook did away with contests a day after Tracking Shadows came out, so all the prizes and fun stuff are now over on the contest page. Be sure you sign up (you’ll get a free short story) so you can stay tuned to the 2096 adventure and announcements!

May’s always a busy time for parents with school kids. My oldest graduated from high school – as the graduation speaker, no less! (one reason the paperback is coming soon and isn’t out now) And my youngest is wrapping up his freshman year at high school (with straight As for the year!)

It’s funny, most days I just feel like a paranormal romance author, not an ‘aging’ mom.  Thank goodness!

ALERT:  On this blog alone, 143 people commented, receiving a free ebook and ensuring that an ebook would get to the troops. Thanks to every single person who visited me! You’ll be happy to know I’ve decided to donate 3 books to the troops for every one comment! Final numbers for Blog Tour de Troops will be announced later today on Blog Talk Radio.

Speaking of paranormal romance authors, I hope you participated in the Blog Tour de Troops event over the weekend. It was an amazing time, so many authors (of every genre) came together and got organized thanks to outstanding efforts of the team at the Indie Book Collective.  Readers gathered up dozens of free books and will enjoy them more, knowing thousands of books will go to the troops!

Again, indulge me while I thank my review site sponsors: the Paranormal Romance Guild for the Veil of Justice review and A Tale of Many Reviews, for hosting my first official vlog interview.

If you visited here on Sunday, you’ll know the cause of supporting our troops is dear to my heart. You just can’t be married to a soldier and not have a different perspective on the inherent risk which is always balanced by the selfless dedication.

No matter your theories on time, I hope you’re ready for a spectacular June and that you’ll stay tuned for more on my upcoming paranormal romance novels, the Tracking Shadows blog tour (starting June 10), writing tips, and new giveaways.

In the meantime, if you haven’t had enough of me, check out the interview and giveaway at Laurie’s place!

Live the adventure!

You can sign up to join the adventure or read a sample of Tracking Shadows right here (the widget’s on the sidebar) and on the Tracking Shadows page. Even on Smashwords and Amazon!

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