Paranormal Romance Authors ‘Go Indie’

And I’m not referring to Indiana Jones…

There was a time when ‘going indie’ was akin to announcing you were ‘going nude’ at work.

The vast majority of the population looked at you with a worried, even pitying expression. No one wanted to get too close for fear your insanity was contagious. My how times have changed.

These days it seems readers hope for – even expect – an author to announce an indie release and the worried faces are only on those associated with the big traditional publishing houses. Since the eReader has gone mainstream, it’s freed up paranormal romance authors – and writers of every genre – to sell their work directly to readers.

Going indie is now the catch phrase for paranormal romance authors of great stories who are either a)tired of slogging through the lengthy traditional publishing process or b)want to quickly connect with their reader base.

Don’t get me wrong, the major NY houses have been discovering and delivering excellent writers in every genre for years, but those top sellers aren’t the only authors on the planet. As traditional publishing models struggle to keep up with the changes eBooks are leveling on the industry, excellent authors you’ve never heard of will remain unknown as you will never meet them or their characters.

Unless they’re brave enough to go indie.

Publishing was never for the faint of heart. It always has – and always will – take time, talent, and courage to write a book, edit that book, and share it with people who will declare it worthy – or not.

To Go Indie takes courage too. To go indie requires time, time management, and savvy marketing. To go indie is more than following a publishing trend, it’s making a commitment to yourself, and to the reader to deliver your best story, in the best format, at the best price.

Live the adventure!

p.s. Many thanks to Amanda Dafoe for the use of the NYC library photo on the National Library Lovers month videos!

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