News and Excerpt For Hobbitville Fans!

For readers who follow the young adult Hobbitville saga of short stories featuring a quartet of girlfriends known as the Pixie Chicks. The girls: Brie, Claire, Lana and Austin are in their junior year of high school and are all part of the marching band program. One of the many band perks is being in on the secret post-football game treks to the mystery-packed garden referred to as Hobbitville.

The current releases in this series are available at OmniLit and Kindle for only 99 cents! This is awesome news if you (or your favorite young reader)  need a fun short story with a  paranormal twist.

The series begins with The Pixie Chicks and moves forward with Hot Spots. The Shadow Stone and Snow Covered Resolutions are special holiday adventures for Halloween and New Year’s Eve respectively.

This fabulous news is timed perfectly as the next Hobbitville story, Breaking New Ground, is now available!

Breaking New Ground picks up where Hot Spots left off:

Will Brie Fairchild pass Chemistry? Not until fellow Pixie Chick, Claire, returns. The problem is no one knows exactly where Claire went, only that she was last seen headed to the Hobbitville garden with the Scottish boyfriend she’d failed to mention. To anyone. Intent to find her friend and unravel the secret of jumping to a particular destination, Brie visits Hobbitville alone, only to find the garden in turmoil. In an effort to hide, she throws herself through a statue and unleashes a whole new level of Hobbitville mysteries.

Here’s a taste of Breaking New Ground:

“Mom, can Troy come for dinner tonight?” Brianna Fairchild asked. “We’ve got some geography project.” She kept the phone loosely covered and applied her best puppy eyes. It was last minute and that was always a hard sell with her mom.

Mom dodged the puppy eyes, looking instead at the clock. “Make it six-thirty.”

Brie smiled and relayed the info to Troy, then ended the call. “Thanks, Mom.” She rushed over to give Mom a hug, then searched her pockets for a scrunchie. Drawing her hair up into a ponytail, she volunteered, “How can I help?”

“First tell me what this is all about.”

“It’s just Troy.” Brie offered a casual shrug, Troy had been part of her world since third grade, but a glance proved Mom wasn’t buying the simple answer. “Well. Um. He asked me out,” she admitted.

“Wow.” Mom walked back to the fridge and opened the freezer. “That requires more than mac and cheese.”

Brie rolled her eyes. “Why?”

Mom rifled through the pantry, then the fridge, and now peeked out from behind the freezer door. “Dinner with a boyfriend sounds like I should step it up.”

“You’re wrong. He won’t be happy if you start treating him differently. We’re still friends at the heart of it.”


Brie hated that particular sound from her mom. “What?” She leaned forward, elbows on the counter and did her best to look interested. No, fascinated.

Breaking New Ground is FREE at Smashwords through July 31! And get caught up on rest of the the series at OmniLit or Amazon.

Live the adventure!

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