Momentum Is An Element of Paranormal Romance Novels

Every paranormal romance writer strives to deliver a balance, an ebb and flow of emotional, paranormal, and action elements for the paranormal romance novel that comes across as a fantastic escape for the reader.

“I’m a believer in momentum.” – Lance Armstrong

Of course I can’t speak for every writer, but for my paranormal romance novels, it’s the daily momentum of getting the story down, of layering the action and emotion into the story that helps me most. The daily page count helps me keep all those elements of the novel in balance. When I’m working on a new book, those elements seem to fall into place when I obey the momentum of my writing.

Think of the momentum you build when you’re excited about something. The enthusiasm bubbles over and colors your day – every encounter, etc. That positive momentum colors the scenes, dialogue and action elements of paranormal romance novels too.

Or when you’re fighting with your partner. The angry momentum can sweep you down and away into a topic your didn’t mean to address, something you thought you’d forgotten. When my writing momentum carries me into new territory, sometimes it’s fabulous and I discover an element the paranormal romance novel was missing. Sometimes I discover a tangential dead end.

In dead end cases, I pull out the scene and save it for a short story or possible promo later, but the real, vital writing momentum is still there.

Momentum can be a critical element in paranormal romance novels. Both for the writer in the creation process, keeping those pages churning and later for the reader, to keep those published pages turning!

Live the adventure!

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