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I’m excited to welcome Lisa Phillips as today’s special guest!

SPECIAL ALERT:  Lisa will be at The Boutique Du Vamprye in the French Quarter, New Orleans, LA from 2-4 on October 29th. She will also be attending the Vampire Lestat Ball on the 28th, as well as The Witches’ Ball after her signing on the 29th.

Trust me, this will be worth a road trip! Not only is Lisa a talented author, she’s a gracious and wonderful person. (The costumes only add to her charm)

The author of Obsession Everlasting, and Knight Everlasting, Lisa is here today featuring Rogue Everlasting her last novel in the Everlasting Trilogy…

A New Threat Taunts Savannah’s Vampyre Dynasty …

Rogue Everlasting

After two hundred years of womanizing ways, powerful eternal and shameless badboy Reece Clairmont is definitely the rogue of the realm. Now with shipments going missing from the family empire and a crop of mysterious newborns making its presence known, his focus has to be on business—if only Sidney didn’t bring to mind pure pleasure.

… as an Everlasting Passion Ignites.

Dark, graceful and blessed with the rare IQ of a genius, Dr. Sidney Campbell’s interests couldn’t be further from those of impossibly sexy Reece. He’s all lust; she’s all logic. United by the need to protect their loved ones, Sidney might have to expand her theories on biology and chemistry—but can she tame a rogue and his scandalous ways without getting her heart broken?

Intrigued? I know I was, so here’s an excerpt from Rogue Everlasting just for you:

A slow, sexy grin crept across his face as Reece offered one of the two chalices he held in his hands. Sidney took it, shifting her gaze to the explosion of climbing roses spilling over the low wall ringing the terrace. Concentrating on shielding her thoughts, she sipped the chalice as the breeze ruffled the fragrant blooms.

“Spying, doc?” He lifted a brow as he watched her over the rim of his cup. When she didn’t reply, he lowered his chalice, and stepped closer. “If it is moonlight and romance you’re after, maybe I can help you out,” he whispered in her ear.

Leaning away from him slightly, she lifted her gaze to his. “I was wondering what Ryder could possibly be thinking,” she replied honestly.

Reece looked out over the lawn as the boy knelt to sprinkle more breadcrumbs onto the water for the swan. “Pretty blonde, who looks at him like he’s a god.” The grin widened. “I can assure you, Sidney, he isn’t thinking. All the blood has left his brain.”

She smiled. “I’m sure you’re right.” Stepping around him, she went to the doors. “Why else would Ryder be so enthralled with Victor’s fledgling?”

The terrace doors clicked closed behind her as the chalice slipped from Reece’s fingers. It clanked to the flagstone as he watched the kid dig his hands into the pockets of his jeans, and stare into the forest. He turned, his eyes colliding with Reece’s just before he stretched out his arms, and took flight over the sprawl of trees.

Reece stepped to the edge of the terrace, dragging both hands through his neatly combed hair. “Damn it, Ryder,” he muttered as his head dropped back onto his shoulders. The moon leered down at him as his gaze searched the black sky. Snatching the chalice from the ground, he flew into the library, and caught her before she could make it out into the hallway. His fingers tightened around her wrist as he pulled Sidney up against him.

“We have two choices,” he hissed as she glared up at him. “We tell the others about this, and risk the whole Montague’s and Capulet’s saga, which I will remind you does not end happily ever after. And the original version doesn’t even include Fallyn.” He lifted a brow. “Or we keep an eye on him, and try to figure out what the hell he’s thinking.”

“I am not going to be a party to this.” She snatched her arm from his grasp. “You want to risk Fallyn finding out we knew, and didn’t tell her?” She shook her head. “Absolutely not.”

“Sidney.” He trailed her out into the hallway. Pinning her against a wall, he pressed his nose to hers. “I know it’s probably a stretch for you, but for just a minute imagine being a teenager. A teenager who thinks you’re in love. A teenager who thinks you’re in love with the very least acceptable option as far as everyone else in your life is concerned.” He nodded his head. “Yeah. It’s gets no better than that, sweetheart.” He glanced down the hallway as she chewed her lip. “We tell him to stay away from her, and her hold on him is that much stronger.”

“Maybe she really cares for him.”

He drew a ragged breath as his gaze met hers again. “What is your gut telling you?”

“Reece, that is no way to way to reach a logical conclusion.”

“All right, let’s look at the facts. According to Ryder she runs with a faction of teenage eternals, who live in some abandoned warehouse, doing odd jobs to support themselves. Her diabolical maker is dead, thank God, and other than said teenage eternals she probably has no one. Except Ryder. Who lives in the manor on the hill with an entire host of doting guardians, one of which is the king of the eternal realm,” he gritted out. “Ryder is a great kid and all, but I’m thinking she has an agenda. Especially as it is Victor’s cold, ruthless, greedy blood running through her veins.”

“Which is all the more reason for us to tell the others,” she insisted.

“Okay.” He stepped back, smoothing his tie over his chest. “We’ll tell them. Katie will break her legs getting to the swords and stakes her mate has piled up in the cellar while Tristan forbids the kid to have anything to do with the girl. You and I can stand back and watch Simon clean up the mess, when Fallyn’s head explodes.” He gave her a chilly smile. “Sound good to you?”

WOW! After meeting Reece in Obsession Everlasting, I have to admit, I’m thrilled to finally read his story. You really don’t want to miss Lisa’s fresh take on vampires!

When you leave a comment for Lisa here, you’ll be entered in the drawing for one paperback copy of Rogue Everlasting! (international – open to everyone)

About Lisa: Lisa Phillips began writing at age nine, after reading The Secret Garden. Thirty years later she decided to pursue her dream of writing professionally. She is the author of the vampire romance series, The Everlasting Trilogy, available from Black Lyon Publishing. Lisa makes her home in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee with her two sons and three cats they faithfully serve.

You can keep up with Lisa at her website and on Facebook too!

Live the adventure!

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  1. I’ve waited for this book to come out and would love a copy. Hoping to make it to NO but not sure.
    lvs2dv at gmail dot com

    • Me too! About the book. And NO really…but that will depend on the kid’s band schedule as much as anything else. *sigh* Some days life gets in the way of my reading addiction. LOL

  2. Hi Regan and Lisa
    The excerpt left me wanting to know what will happen next!
    Thanks for it and the giveaway. 🙂

    • I felt the same way, Daniela! Lisa’s writing just draws you in. Good luck in the giveaway!

  3. lovestodive, I’ll make you a deal. You come to NO and help me paint the town red…so to speak, and I’ll wear a UGA T-shirt during the UT/UGA game this year. I know what thinking about me wearing that T-shirt in the midst of a sea of orange would mean to you!

    And thank you to all who stop by and leave comments!


  4. Hi Lisa –
    Sounds like a great book! It’s on my wish list – would love to win it!

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

  5. Would love a copy. Congrats and much success to you.

    • Thanks so much, for stopping in to say hi to Lisa today!

    • Consider yourself entered! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by E.J.

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