Great Month For Readers And Paranormal Romance Authors

January is a great month for paranormal romance authors and readers!  Not only is January National Book Blitz month, the second week of 2011 was officially National Book Week!

What am I doing to celebrate?

Well, on Saturday January 15 I was at Total Health Fair Charleston with my local greyhound rescue and adoption group, signing copies of my paranormal romance novels as well as my non-fiction Adopt A Greyhound Guide.  Bandit and I had a great time with the fabulous volunteers of GPA-Charleston meeting everyone who came by our booth.

Of course, January’s National Book status isn’t specific to the genre of paranormal romance, authors of all genres are free to jump on the celebratory bandwagon and use the extra publicity boost of National Book Week to reach their audience. (It will be a happy book blitz for me when I add a couple new releases from my favorite historical romance authors to my Kindle later this month too).

I’m thrilled about January’s book blitz, mainly because my growth in 2010 regarding writing, determination, and promotion will be applied and magnified in 2011 through giveaways, interviews, and new releases. Even amid the upheaval in publishing, this is a great time to be an author.

As a reader, I’d suggest celebrating January’s book blitz fun through! They make every day a book blitz with their reader-friendly site and tools to help paranormal romance authors reach paranormal romance readers. Of course if you prefer a different genre, they’ve got that too and they’re always giving away great books from new authors and well known bestselling authors alike.

Check it out:  Justice Incarnate, a paranormal romance novel, is listed in the giveaways along with many, many fabulous books!

How are other authors celebrating National Book Blitz month? I know Monica Burns is kicking off her Pleasure Me with Romance blog event beginning January 17! And the Paranormal Romance Guild is giving away a four book prize package from kNight Romance Publishing!!!

So how will you celebrate National Book Blitz month?

Live the adventure!

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