Year of the Indies Celebration!

Hooray for Christmas Eve! Today is a wonderful start to the holiday week and it’s a relief to say this paranormal romance author finally got her act together, nailed the to-do list, and is ready for some holiday joy and relaxation!

As a bonus for readers, today also marks the beginning of a brand new event hosted by the Women’s Literary Cafe featuring over 100 authors and books for the Year of the Indie Celebration!

Readers can visit, buy any 3 books and choose a 4th book absolutely FREE! With titles spanning all genres and special hashtags at twitter to follow the participating authors and readers, this is a week of fun you will definitely want to check out ASAP!

It’s my pleasure to offer Tracking Shadows, book 4 in the Shadows of Justice series for this event. I’m partial to Tracking Shadows because it features Slick Micky (the notorious Chicago smuggler) as he meets his match in alpha female and renowned assassin, Trina in order to unravels a nasty takeover attempt.

Slick Micky was one of my favorite heroes to write because everyone *thinks* they know him, and yet the truth is buried beneath a tough, elusive exterior. Trina, with her ability to create hallucinations, was also a blast to write, especially since she’s gunning for Slick Micky as a matter of vengeance long overdue.

Please come on over and see the authors who have listed their books with this promotion just for readers at the Year of the Indie Celebration!

If you’re on twitter, look for these hashtags to help spread the word and keep up with the fun: #YearofTheIndiesWLC #WLCBookEvent #WLC

Wishing all of you a very happy holiday season and always…

Live the adventure!

Regan Black paranormal romance author


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