February is Library Lovers Month

February isn’t just for Valentine’s Day romance or President’s Day sales. It is also Library Lovers month! Yup, a whole month devoted to those who love their library.

It’s about time libraries got some love. Libraries are about the last place a body can go to get any sort of real quiet (although writing and reading while surrounded by napping cats and greyhounds is truly awesome!) While everyone probably has had a run in with a stern librarian at least once, these public institutions are truly remarkable.

The first publicly supported library in the nation was established in Charles Town (Charleston) South Carolina in 1698, but I feel particular credit for South Carolina’s library system must be given to Mary E. Frayser. In the 1920s her unflagging determination was critical to establishing the current library system that promotes reading and brings books to all areas of the state.

Some of my best, early memories are of visiting the library, my small self blissfully awed by the endless shelves full of stories as well as informative books. Even then, reading was my favorite pastime. It’s no accident that my children feel the same.

There’s something about the energetic hush of a library. So much potential, so many options, and in that respectful atmosphere you almost feel as if time stands still. (unless the place is about to close…even librarians have things to do)

The library and librarians who know their collections are an essential resource for students and students of life. Librarians can point us to authors we haven’t met, help us find the text that will offer new insight into a research topic, and help us sift through the Internet if necessary.

As a paranormal romance author, I’m a reader first and I love that I can ask my local library to bring in a book I’m not ready to purchase. Requesting books like this helps the author and the reader as well as the library, so don’t be afraid to ask! If libraries know what their patrons want, they’ll adjust collections as they can.

Libraries are famous for staying current. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to check if your library offers eReaders or loans out ebooks. That sort of forward thinking is perfect for fans of  paranormal romance novels.

So in this Library Lovers month, whether you’re a regular visitor or you’ve been away awhile, go give your library some love with a visit. And even a donation if you can.

Live the adventure!

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